Pheromones are a chemical substance comparable to hormones. They are produced by animals and some plants. They act as a message transmitted between species.

Some definitions

What are pheromones? what are they for? What types of pheromones can be found? What is semiochemistry? Discover these...

How it works

Pheromones are perceived and active throughout the life of the animal, so a soothing pheromone will help reduce...


Discover soothing pheromones that reduce stress to optimize breeding while improving welfare.

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Did you know that?

The term pheromones was defined by the German biochemist Peter Karlson and the Swiss entomologist Martin Lüscher8 in 1959 from the Greek roots: pherein (transport) and hormon (excite).

Thus, pheromones were initially defined as: “substances secreted by individuals and which, received by other individuals of the same species, cause a specific reaction, behaviour or biological modification

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